An evening of awesome!

love John Green?
want to sit and chat about all things John Green?
over pizza bagels? while making a 'fault in our stars' craft?
maybe watch some vlogbrothers?
drop in!
thursday, april 17 @ 7pm


Teen Tech Week @ the WPL

Drop in to the Teen Department during Teen Tech Week and pick up a copy of the INTERNET SCAVENGER HUNT & your chance to win an iTunes card & other prizes! All correct scavenger hunt entries will be entered into a drawing for a $20. iTunes card; other raffles & fun stuff will be offered all week long.
MARCH 10 -14      Drop in.


Check it out! A to-scale jet made from only manila folders & glue!

It took five years, a lot of manila folders and glue, and tremendous patience, but designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart finally completed his 1:60-scale replica of a 777 jetliner.  The model, complete  with miniature sets, engine, doors and even retractable landing gear, is almost as complicated as the real thing!