Got Stress?

Signs that stress might be a problem: 
feeling helpless
having difficulty concentrating
getting sick often
being indecisive
feeling extreme impatience or frustration

Taking one right step after another solves most problems.  Talk with someone you trust.  Get professional help if you need it.  Reach out - you're not alone.

Here are some healthy stress relieving ideas:
get outside for a run
share your feelings with someone your trust
relax with a book (that's not related to schoolwork)
put down the chips and pick up an apple (healthy food choices are stress relievers, believe it or not!)
take a warm bath (bubbles couldn't hurt)
take the dog for a walk
find a relaxing hobby - ever try gardening? yoga?
hang out with friends and laugh

Take a look at the American Academy of Pediatrics site - it's for teens only - and you can create your own stress management guide:
Create a Personal Stress Management Guide

Check out Teen's Health Stress and Coping Center and learn ways to cope with all types of stressful situations, from cliques and family troubles, to managing emotions and school.

Try YOGA or other exercise for stress release, too.